You can register here by booking accommodation till May 23, 2017. We have a limited number of double rooms and suites available, so please book soon if you require one of these. One suite is suitable for two adults and two children. All prices without GST (5 percent). The prices include food and drinks. If you do not intend to stay at the retreat, but to commute, then choose the commuter option which covers food and drinks.

Room Price in CAD Price (with GST)
Commuter 150.00 157.50
Single Room 400.00 420.00
Double Room (single occupancy) 430.00 451.50
Double Room (double occupancy) 744.00 781.20
Suite (single occupancy) 462.00 485.10
Suite (double occupancy) 791.00 830.55
Small Single Room (communal washroom) 352.00 369.60

Please pay attention to our Anti-Harassment Policy.

Financial Support

We provide students and postdoctoral researchers with financial support up to 300 CAD (depending on the amount of applicants). Please apply at and arrange for a letter by your supervisor or a colleague to confirm your status. Please apply by May 1, 2017. We give preference to applicants who ...

Please indicate if any of the above applies to you.

Contributed Talks

We have a limited number of time slots for contributed talks. Please send a title and an abstract (in LaTeX) to if you are interested by May 1, 2017.

Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences.
University of Regina.

Last Update: 16 May 2017.